Teaching & Mentoring

Courses I Teach:

POLS 5960 Humanitarian Aid and Intervention

POLS 4960 Political Violence and Terrorism

POLS 3620 International Security

POLS 3410 Politics of Africa

POLS 1600 International Relations

POLS 1400 Comparative Politics

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Students who have taken at least one class with me and are interested in conducting research related to forced migration and/or political violence can contact me at Kerstin.fisk@lmu.edu.

I frequently advise honors theses as well as projects associated with the Summer Undergraduate Research Program and the Independent Undergraduate Research Program*.

Research assistance opportunities also are available via the RAINS research assistantship or through Federal Work Study. 

*Please note that I am on research leave during the 2021-22 academic year and will not be able to mentor students’ independent projects.